Who we are

We are honest people with extensive, professional experience in online marketing, online business development, and online strategic partnership building and management.

Sepani Group is a start-up online marketing company. Hence, you get no big offices or fancy titles, but a few, hard-working professionals who do online marketing and do it really well.

We are experienced in the various aspects of online marketing and business development and are eager to offer our services at very reasonable prices to our customers. Our compensation structure is tightly integrated with the performance of our work. Knowing that our customers’ success is vitally important to our own success and growth, we are dedicated, and enthusiastic to help our clients succeed. We are sincerely interested in their goals and readily available to respond to concerns, offer consultation, and deliver solutions throughout the course of our relationship.

With the rapid evolution of online marketing and the integration of multiple social sites as well as third party lead and sales generation online channels, it is no longer enough just to know how marketing software work. We at Sepani Group realize that it is vital to have a holistic view of online marketing and an understanding of every aspect of the online presence of an entity.

Additionally, Sepani Group is a team of individuals with diverse professional and educational backgrounds. We have technical masters to assess and carry out the practical implementation of each decision, as well as business minds and accounting analysts to develop online business relationships and make sure all decisions are made on a solid financial basis.

We would love the opportunity to show you what we can do for your company. For a free consultation please call 818.298.2169 or email us at marketing@sepani.net.