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This is an amazing software/service. Some of the highlights of this software from their site:

Swipe it.
Accept payment cards on any device with an audio input jack, including your mobile phone. After signing up for Square, provide your address on the web and we’ll send you a free card reader and Square sticker.

0 to $60 in under 10 seconds.
Start accepting cash and payment cards immediately with Square. No contracts, monthly fees, or hidden costs. Effortlessly manage the money you take with an easy and intuitive interface.

Lose the paper.
Get your receipts sent instantly to your email or mobile phone. Access them securely online.

Pay quickly, securely.
Create a Square account to speed up and secure every payment. With photo verification, Square users can visually confirm you are the card holder.

Get real rewards.
If you frequent a place that accepts Square, we’ll let them know you’re a repeat customer. That 10th cappuccino may be on the house, no paper coffee card required.

All your receipts, organized.
See all of your Square receipts in one simple view. Browse photos of every item you bought, read descriptions, and share with your friends and co-workers.

Your business in real-time.
All of your cash and card payments in a clean interface accessible securely from anywhere. Instantly see how much you’ve made for the day, broken out by tips, tax, and payment method. Download your data into a standard format to work with your favorite program.

And Much more…
Ready to see what Square is. Click on the image below to go to their site and find out more:


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